Hi there! My name is Tara Manis.

I’m from a suburb outside of Toronto, Canada and have spent the past 15 years of my life in sunny Orlando, Florida. I moved to Miami in August, 2012, when my boyfriend, Josh, started his new job as a morning and noon news anchor in the market. I am currently loving my job as the Senior Producer for all 5 hours of shows on “Today in Florida” at WSVN, Monday-Friday. Working such early hours is tough but it is part of the industry. It helps to work with wonderful people with a similar mindset and drive.

I’ve loved everything the news business since I was a little Canuck playing in the snow. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love a high-paced lifestyle. I like sleep but don’t do much of it. If there’s a story breaking I need to know everything about it and then some before I’ll stop.

I’ve been lucky enough to cover some pretty big stories over the last few years in Florida, including the Trayvon Martin case and trial, Casey Anthony case and trial, the Tiger Woods crash, NASA retiring the space shuttle, Gulf oil spill and some happier events like the NBA finals in Miami and Orlando (Go Magic!). 

When I’m not following news, I love to spend time with my fiancé and my family. Planning our November Wedding. I also love to watch my beloved 2014 National Champion Florida State Seminoles. I also spend a good chunk of time attempting to perfect my domestic skills in the kitchen and help my cat Seaweed lose weight… both are proving to be a losing battle. In 2013, we added a new rescue to our family from Smitten with Kittens, her name is Scarlett and she’s a perfect addition.

I also love fashion, golf, the beach, fishing and technology. I’m also big Apple gadget fan.

I’m always up for meeting new people on the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by!