Pinterest Easter Wreath: So easy even I can do it

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I have a category on my site called ‘Diary of the Domestically “Challenged”‘. It is quite fitting because I once put dish soap in the dishwasher and flooded my parents kitchen with bubbles. They were out of town. If I forgot to mention it before, sorry Mom and Dad (I was 18, don’t judge).

Recently (at the age of 29), I got the urge to make a trip to Michael’s Arts and Crafts with the intention of making something I found on Pinterest. I had my sights set on some Easter wreaths. But being the O.C.D. creature I am, I couldn’t pick just one wreath, I wanted to mesh five or six ideas together. So I had no REAL directions to follow (that’s another problem for a Type-A gal).

Still, shockingly, I actually followed through and made my way to the craft store. I even considered checking-in on Facebook because I didn’t think my family or friends would believe I was there.

51jWnz3LVML._SL500_AA300_It took me 73 minutes to aimlessly navigate the maze of aisles. They really need to rethink their layout at the Dadeland location. It’s horrendous. Truth be told, it was probably worse because I had NO IDEA what I was doing there or what I was looking for.

I attempted to talk to a woman whom I thought was an employee to ask her where the ‘moss’ was located. Alas, she was taking part in a ‘Wreath and Bow Making’ seminar at the front of the store and didn’t speak any English. So that was awkward.

After circling with my cart, getting distracted by all the pre-made wreaths for sale (I contemplated taking this route – but, I had a sudden shot of confidence and thought I could do better, ha). During my extended trip I also had to make a conscious attempt to remind myself ‘parents teach their kids not to talk to strangers’. I think this was my way dealing with the fact the 4 & 5 year old girls in the ribbon aisle (or as I’d like to refer to them, the Mean Girls) were not interested in the polka-dot pink selection I made.

You can’t please everyone.

I finally found some supplies, albeit way too many, but I didn’t want to go back there for a LONG time (those mean girls were really intimidating!).

So I got home with my bag of goodies, and had no idea what to do… so here’s where the fun comes in and my missteps might be able to help you!

I bought 5 large bags of green moss at $4.95 a piece. I wanted to make two wreaths, one for Josh and I, another for my parents (I only needed 3 big bags, one half bag… so now I’m basically storing manure). Anyways, I found two, wicker oval wreaths (they were out of the 16″ circle versions). Two rolls of colorful ribbon. Two bags of pretty Easter eggs. Some pre-painted monogrammed letters. A pink glue-gun for $3.99 (not the best choice), along with 46 mini-glue sticks for $6.95… I was set.

Here is the medium wreath I started with:

Part 1

Ugly right? The initial process of putting this together wasn’t pretty either – and it smelled even worse. I failed to realize that the Moss was ‘real‘ moss. Full of dirt, leaves and twigs. My condo instantly smelled like a barn. It also resembled one:

Pinterest Wreath Process


It took SEVERAL layers of the mossy-mud and hot-glue to make the wreath appear full enough to be presentable (in my opinion). I burned several fingers and even bruised my right pointer finger because I opted for the cheap glue-gun (don’t do that!). Still, it was fun and in the end, not a huge mess to clean thanks to the giant trash bag I cut in half to cover the office floor.


The next step was decorating this green, furry circular object. I tried to keep it simple for my parents wreath at first. Tricking them with the “J” & “T” for ‘Josh & Tara’ in addition to a few pastel eggs, laying them on the wreath. I sent the images to my folks to see what they thought.

Pinterest, DIY, Easter, Wreath

They insisted… more eggs. Wonderful, I’ll burn some more layers off of my aging skin. Oh’ and breathe in some more fumes while placing my hot glue-gun onto the black trash bag. Don’t judge, I’m learning! Also, if I hear a SINGLE word about the environment I’ll really lose it, because my personal space was really violated during this domestic endeavor. Note: I woke up with moss in my hair. Moss on my clothing. Glue on my face. It wasn’t pretty and I have more scars than I’d like to admit… this was all for a PINTEREST wreath. Not some fight club… I digress.

So, back to my happy craft… more eggs for the Manis family!

Pinterest, Wreath, Easter, Holiday, Monogrammed, Wreath, Domestic, Crafts, Pain

This is a blurry version of the final product for my parents wreath. Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors and soft appearance… it still smelled atrocious. However, the scent does subside and your house is back to normal within 48 hrs of crafting these “artistic masterpieces” — OK, these DIY crafts.

Now, much like elementary school, I brought this home to Orlando from Miami and asked my Mom to hang this ‘Mossy Mess’ in her foyer. She did it… I was impressed. However, I also asked her to fix the parts that needed extra glue because of the “humidity” in the car… in other words, I needed more glue and didn’t notice until we arrived.

Moving on! I’d like to unveil the final product that is currently on display in the Benson-Manis household… It takes a lot of glue, patience and if you have an affinity for wine, I suggest you consume some to ease the pain on your hands and hopefully distract you from the smell.

In the end, I hope you like the result of your DIY wreath… I did.

DIY, Easter, Pinterest, Wreath, Craft, Eggs, Pastel, Crafty

Thanks for letting me vent, that trip to Michael’s really did a number on me 😉