Holding the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy… My dad was thrilled

 My love for news is closely rivaled by my love for sports. Sure, playing them is fun, but for a girl who’s 5’2″ my options are pretty limited. So I spend my time on the sidelines, cheering on my favorite teams (Orlando Magic, Florida State, Toronto Maple Leafs etc)… and always appreciating the quality of a great match-up even when my teams aren’t involved.

My love affair with sports started when I was young. Watching with my dad or my brother. Spending Saturday’s in arena’s watching my brother play hockey or playing on all boy’s t-ball teams in Canada, wearing my pink shorts. I loved the competitiveness and the highs and lows.

Watching time for a Doc Rivers interview for ESPN, they cut it close.

When I got up to Tallahassee my Freshman year at Florida State University and woke up on campus for my first game day… I was in awe.

Thousands of people were dressed in garnet and gold filling the streets before packing into Doak Campbell Stadium. From that day forward I have been convinced there isn’t much that compares to a College Football Saturday in the South.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to go into locker rooms, stand-on the sidelines, attending practices and even Championship games for the NBA, NFL, NHL and college football to talk to some amazing athletes.