Great resources for TV News Journalists

When I first started in TV News, I made a handwritten list of go-to websites for tips and tricks related to geography, math and the statistics most journalists hate to track down. I’ve transferred that list into some great bookmarks on all of my Apple devices. I’ve shared a few of the best links that have helped me enhance stories … (Read More)

Why journalists should use Twitter

In my humble Canadian opinion, Twitter has changed the way we gather, research, report and break news. It certainly has for me, and if you haven’t embraced it with open arms you might want to start… NOW! Since most people find my posts via Facebook and Twitter, I won’t bore you with the basics about Twitter. I’ll give you my … (Read More)

Lazy TV News Writing

I am currently on the job hunt here in Miami, Florida. This so-called ‘downtime’ has allowed me to test out my domestic skills (i.e. cooking & cleaning), hang out with my cat, spend hours on the computer and watch A LOT of news. I’ve scanned all of the local TV stations (WFOR, WSVN, WTVJ and WPLG) I’ve also watched entirely … (Read More)