TV News

TV News is my passion.

Control Room – Where the magic happens

I love everything from the minute a story is born in an editorial meeting to the hours, days or even weeks that go into getting it to air. You can spend a full day working on what you think is the best newscast you could produce, and two minutes before airtime…BREAKING NEWS! The rundown is wiped clean and you’re trying to grasp what’s happening and how it’ll affect your area. I thrive on digging for facts, angles, sources and enjoy the excitement it brings when you find something BIG that shapes the way a story is covered from that moment forward.

I am a huge advocate social media and using it for everything from finding stories, sources, pictures and facts for promoting your story and station. More and more people are turning to social networks like Twitter and Facebook when something major is happening. Information is now accessible wherever you are. For me, I typically learn about breaking news from Twitter before the Associated Press has even started typing their alert (even orange ones!). I love the fact viewers can interact and help with stories by sending their pictures, eyewitness reports and opinions. This allows us to do a better job serving our communities.

I didn’t take the typical route into TV News. I had other jobs but found I couldn’t stay away from news. I took a big pay cut from my then-sales job and made the leap. I basically wrote to everyone in Orlando and told them why they should hire me. Little did I know Orlando is market #19, so jumping ranks to find a position wasn’t easy. I got lucky.

Casey Anthony Trial – Front row seat during the Casey Anthony Trial (that’s me in the green!)

Cox Media Group and WFTV-TV gave me a chance and got me started as a part-time Associate Producer. During my training I was thrown in for wall-to-wall coverage of major wildfires in Brevard County. It was sink or swim right away.

Two months in, the Casey Anthony news release arrived stating that little Caylee was missing. I got extremely involved in that story. I secured key interviews and was the first to learn exactly what Casey was doing during the month that Caylee was missing.  Those details turned out to be key evidence in the case. As for me, I earned a contract and transitioned into a full-time position a few weeks later. I soon had my own show and was fill-in producer for every newscast. I worked any shift, anytime and I loved it. I still do.

During my time at WFTV-TV I covered some major cases that led newscasts around the country and sometimes around the world. I covered the Casey Anthony case from day one (July 16, 2008) until Casey was acquitted (July 5, 2011) and released from jail (July 17, 2011). I was working when Tiger Woods crashed his vehicle. I was able to get the first five photographs of the crash with the help of our (then) Managing Editor, Matt Parcell (he’s now the News Director). We met the man who snapped the pictures the night of the incident early the following Saturday at a Starbucks. I would later find that these photographs would not only grace our coverage as the story developed, but coverage around the world.

Covering the Orlando Magic in the NBA Playoffs in 2009.

Moving to Miami in 2012, I first worked for CBS Miami, producing the 6:00PM show, Monday-Friday. I enjoyed my time there and learning the market.

In April, was lucky enough to get a chance at WSVN. This is a station that gets it. Everyday our team hits the ground running, giving us the tools we need to tell great stories and the staff to get it done right.